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Agotrax: Learn English by Speaking with AI

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The Practical Path to Learning English

Master English Conversation with Agotrax AI Tutors

Dive into a world where mistakes are stepping stones, not setbacks. Agotrax offers endless opportunities to practice English speaking fearlessly. Engage in limitless, judgment-free conversations with our AI tutors and grow your language skills in a supportive environment. Break the barriers to fluency, one fearless conversation at a time.


AI-Driven Conversations

Experience the future of language learning with Agotrax. Our AI tutors are designed to provide real-time, interactive conversations that mimic talking with a native speaker. This feature not only makes learning more engaging but also helps you gain confidence in your speaking abilities.

Vocabulary Learning Through Conversation

Expand your English vocabulary naturally through dialogue. Agotrax identifies and integrates new words into your conversations, making it easier to learn and remember them. This context-based approach ensures you not only learn new words but also understand how to use them in real-life situations.

Instant Correction Feedback

Make mistakes fearlessly, knowing that Agotrax is here to gently guide you towards the correct usage. Our AI tutors provide immediate corrections and explanations, turning every mistake into a valuable learning opportunity. This feedback is crucial for improving your pronunciation and grammar over time.

How the App Works



Agotrax utilizes artificial intelligence technology to offer a personalized language learning experience tailored to every student's needs. Customize your learning journey to develop your language skills quickly and effectively.

Follow the progress of your English lessons
Practice speaking English, get instant feedbacks
Use Agotrax to learn vocabulary


Advance with Speaking Practice

Revitalize your language learning process with interactive speaking practice based on real-life scenarios. Our AI provides instant feedback, helping you learn from your mistakes and progress smoothly.

About Us

Why Agotrax?

Learn English by speaking to AI

Learning languages with Agotrax is much more than just memorizing grammar and vocabulary. It prepares you for real-world conversations, boosts your confidence, and thoroughly improves your language abilities. Suitable for learners at all levels, Agotrax makes language learning accessible and effective for everyone.


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Agotrax is a game-changer for English learners! The AI tutors are incredibly helpful, providing limitless opportunities for practice without hesitation. The vocabulary feature offers an innovative way to learn new words. Definitely deserving of 5 stars!

Ahmet Yılmaz

Agotrax has revolutionized my English learning journey. The AI tutors are optimized for effective communication, and the role play feature allows for practical application of language skills. I highly recommend it to anyone aiming to improve their English proficiency. 5 stars!

Sinta Dewi

Agotrax is an exceptional app for mastering English. The AI tutors make conversation practice effortless and enjoyable. The vocabulary module presents a fresh approach to learning new words. With features like role play, it's like bringing real-life scenarios into your learning experience. 5 stars all the way!

Juan Rodriguez

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